About Nic James

I am a seasoned CPC expert with a proven track record in driving targeted traffic and optimizing campaigns for maximum conversions. With my deep understanding of cost-per-click advertising, I have consistently achieved exceptional results for clients. In addition to my expertise in digital advertising, I have also successfully managed my own online businesses, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce. This unique combination of experience allows me to bring a holistic perspective to my work and deliver comprehensive strategies that drive growth and profitability. I am passionate about leveraging data-driven insights and innovative tactics to achieve outstanding results in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

Official partner status

I am proud to have received the partner status from Google! This recognition showcases my expertise and proficiency in managing successful Google Ads campaigns. As a Google Ads partner, I have access to exclusive resources, training, and dedicated support from Google’s team of experts. My partnership badge serves as a symbol of my commitment to delivering exceptional results for my clients. By clicking on my partner logo, you can verify my status directly on Google’s website. You can trust my expertise and experience to elevate your digital advertising strategies and drive remarkable success for your business.


I am proud to be a Google Ads certified professional, demonstrating my expertise in the field of online advertising and campaign management. This certification validates my comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Google Ads, including its various features, best practices, and strategies for optimizing campaigns. With this certification, I have demonstrated my ability to effectively utilize Google Ads to drive targeted traffic, increase brand visibility, and achieve measurable results for clients. I am equipped with the skills to conduct keyword research, create compelling ad copies, optimize bidding strategies, and analyse campaign performance to continually improve campaign outcomes. My Google Ads certification reflects my dedication to staying current with industry trends and my commitment to delivering exceptional results in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

Google Ads Search Certification

Expertise in optimizing search campaigns for maximum visibility and impact.

Shopping Ads Certification

Mastery in maximizing product visibility and conversions through dynamic product advertising.

Google Display Ads Certification

Proficient in creating and managing impactful display advertising campaigns.

Ads Measurement Certification

Advanced skills in tracking, analysing, and optimizing advertising performance metrics.